Education Committe Report

     The Education Committee has been offering free workshops based in technique and design instruction taught by Prof. Sam Norgard with tremendous support from Tana Flagg and Carol Geraghty.  These are for members of the bead societies in exchange for their contribution of components that ultimately contribute to a work designed by Sam.  Individual works are thought of as supporting a cause.  Attempts to show and sell the work will result in heightened exposure for the causes, and, if the works sell, a portion of the profit is promised to support the individual causes.

     Five workshops were held teaching French beaded techniques that connect to The Butterfly Dress, a collaborative with The Batey Girls in the Dominican Republic.  The Batey Girls have completed numerous bead embroidered blue butterfly brooches that will, temporarily, be part of the dress before they are sold to support this worthy cause.  The Butterfly Dress is a major work for Sam and we hope it will be completed this Fall.  Stay tuned.

     Four additional workshops have been taught by Sam with Tana and Carol at her side.  A fifth one is planned for June 1.  These are component based workshops where students have learned brick stitch, geometric triangles and warped squares.  

     We are excited to report back that these workshops are resulting in two works:  “The Butterfly Network” and “StarNet”.  These will be shown on opposite coasts of Canada this summer.  A third exhibition, including kaleidocycle works resulting from the Triangle Workshop, is hoped for in May of 2019 at the James May Gallery in Wisconsin.  We learned a lot, enjoyed friendship (and a visit from bead rock star Suzanne Golden!) and contributed to works of art that will be exhibited.

     The geometric workshops, exploring triangles and warped squares, are excellent beginning steps in understanding geometric beadwork.  Our May 4th workshop had a special guest appearance by Prof. Deb Mosch who held individual color consultations with each member of the workshop.  Deb, a recognized authority on color is the author of the book, “Color, a Love Story”.  What a treat to have her offer her expertise.  To further our geometric and color investigations Sam will conduct a Fall Workshop on contemporary geometric work.

     In 6 months we did 10 workshops???  WOW!  Thank you to all who came and contributed so much!